1. Hey Frank … I had an almost 2 hour conversation today with the GM of Ypsomed Canada … so far Montreal will be the headquarters for North America … and I’m hoping our Health Canada will approve it soon especially those still on the fence post here in Canada with the limited choices we have for pumps. I’m like you … with a Vibe (one year after purchasing … you know what happened with J&J pulling the plug on pump technology … if only I’d not wanted the CGM portion so much with the Vibe … I would be anxiously awaiting for this pumps release). I’ll be writing up my own #dblog shortly of the conversation and am teasing my Canadian readers with a picture comparing the two pumps … so I’ve stolen yours from this #dblog (how rude of me without asking first) but will ensure that your Chapter 1 post on your trial, etc. informs my FB / Twitter crowd that the picture is yours.

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