Pump Complacency.

What I have neglected to mention here is that, until arriving in Sydney, I had been disconnected from my insulin pump for almost four weeks.

You know what? It had been working pretty damn well. To the point where I was really starting to re-evaluate things. I was actually packing for Multiple Daily Injections, and had no intention of bringing any pump supplies along for my week in Sydney.

On the day prior to my departure, I began to think about how I may regret not having the convenience of a pump while trekking around Sydney. So, in my usual last minute indecisive fashion, I attached a new infusion site to my stomach prior to my birthday dinner on Tuesday night. I shoved a few spare infusion sites and insulin cartridges into my carry bag. I returned all of my pump junk back into my travel case.

But I still wasn’t sure.

I stuck with Lantus for the first day of my trip, and decided that I’d just use the pump for boluses. That was, until the moment I heard that I would be given my own loaner Ypsopump to take home and roadtest on Wednesday night. I have not given another shot of Lantus since.

I’ve drafted a few versions of this post, plagued with thoughts of sounding too wishy washy or having said it all before. I’ve had a few interesting reactions around why I would do such a thing as take off my insulin pump.

I felt as though I had been consistently correcting high blood sugars with little effect throughout much of April. Rapid acting basal insulin was beginning to feel very inconsistent, and mealtime insulin wasn’t doing its job properly as a result.

In hindsight, I do feel that my pump was also making me complacent. I tend to take it for granted after a while, not doing the things that I should be. Like pre bolussing for meals, waiting for my blood sugar levels to fall back into range prior to eating and avoiding insulin stacking.

What I do know is that my blood sugars were amazing throughout much of that four week vacation. Insulin was working far better with Lantus as my basal, rather than rapid acting. Of course, it’s worth noting that insulin sensitivity is far better when I spend more of my day in range.

I’ve expressed time and time again just how monotonous it is to do the same thing day in, and day out when managing my diabetes. That’s why new accessories, tools, devices and even a shake up to insulin therapy helps to keep me feeling fresh and energised in the daily grind of diabetes management.

I don’t believe that one is better than the other when it comes to pens versus pumps. Nor do I believe that one form of insulin therapy will necessarily be the right thing for me, forever. Each has their positives and negatives, and the ‘right’ insulin therapy is the one whose flaws bother me the least.

This week, I have been ‘non compliant.’ My levels have looked pretty much like the typical holiday blood sugars you’d expect from eating more carbs than normal and being out of routine.

I am roadtesting the Ypsopump as we speak, but I’m not ruling out other options once I’m settled back into my usual routine.



  1. Frank .. I have only been pumping now for 10 years .. before that I’d done a “poor man’s pump” version for 5 years prior with the smarter insulins. I’ve written about taking pump breaks as long as 6 months at a times .. just for a break and to remember how to use my insulins properly. My control is similar to pump with MDI . I have many T1D mates who think I’m a whack job for going off the pump but that’s me (I ga e been T1D since the 60’s so seen MANY changes for the good). Do you use a CGM? I’m self funded .. but it is worth it’s weight in gold and when I’m on MDI it helps. I am going to be using Tresiba for my next pump break (I found Levemir x3 a day kept me in better control then Lantus .. no hypos) . Also Fiasp instead of Novorapid. You’ve got me intrigued by this pump your using .. isn’t it fun being a test guinea pig? Been doing it for the past 50+ years as an experimental cat in the T1D world.

    • Nice to hear your thoughts, Anna, and glad that it’s not just me who likes to change things up. I use the FreeStyle Libre intermittently, however neither Libre or CGM is subsidised for adults in Australia. I’ve heard good things about Triseba though, and look forward to trying it when it eventually receives approval in Australia. As for the pump? Stay tuned…

  2. Interesting to hear your thoughts on using the pump and then having mdi spells. My dawn phenomenon is too severe for me to not use the pump but I do find it fascinating to hear people’s thoughts. I always strongly back MDI because I think for many it can work SO well. My mum has been D 39 years and would hate a pump and I’ve never had control as good as hers in my life! Good to hear it still getting backing from someone who has the option to do either.

  3. I am allergic to insulin-and many other meds-anyone else like me out there? Been type 1 for 35 years-used to take Lilly pork with side effects and did not feel well-other insulins were worse for me. Taking Apidra for 9 or 10 years-many side effects- disrupted sleep agitation- rashes hives but also to most meds.
    If I could tolerate a long actinginsulin at this point; I would do MDI. I had very good control most of the time but had to go on pump because of my allergy to all insulins-just wanted to take one not two. Pump has many downs for me- sites are used up. ALSO many times don’t know if my control changesbecause of insulin resistance perhaps because of my allergy or just a poorly absorbing site or just because the moon is in the sky. The pump does help with dawn phenomenon but for me it brings more worries about absorption. I use the ability to increase basal a lot-that’s convenient to bring down a high faster- I am extremely uncomfortable when I not controlled abnormally so so I try to very tight control-again not always so possible because opf the aforementioned.
    I livein us AND Medicare will no longer pay for testing strips if I use a CGM-only for a few months-preferred Libre because it did not go into my poor stomach-abused from shots and pump sites but had to give it up for my many test strips. Just would like to hear if anyne else has trouble tolerating insulin in any capacity. We are few and far between- also other meds as well. I appreciate this blog -very interesting to read your thoughts and others so please continue- I try to read when I can honesty is refreshing- did not have this when I started wiith Type 1 just my local hospital support groups- of which I am still original member. IF ANYONE would like to e-mail me I would love it’ gailtmbr@aol.com welcome all comments

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