1. twicediabetes

    Sad truth is Frank, insurance is based on a lot of people paying premiums but not needing to claim. Insurance wouldn’t work if you only paid premiums for items that you knew you needed. Also insurers view people with diabetes as a really bad “risk” I do believe that your former fund would be quite happy that you took your business elsewhere, they want people who are totally healthy and not in need of medical services now.

    • Maarten

      It’s quite sad that this is happening across the Private Healthcare Industry. I recon that’s why we should call it an”industry”. I feel that the companies should be regulated about what they can and can’t do. Taking away an essential service because of increased cost & ‘not wanting’ these customers should be legally forbidden. It all about the $ and not the customer. That’s my opinion. Maybe the Diabetes community can take some initiative to talk to the Private Health Insurers that have chosen to abandon their customers for the sake of $$$?

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