1. This is very interesting. I was put in a late trial for the Medtronic 670G pump. A big mistake. We found out that the 0.250 unit per hour was not low enough, The lower basal rate this one delivers may work better if we can get it here in the states. I’ll look into that. I do have to say, after my last TWO attempts of using the pump, I am not a fan at all of how they worked with me. I still feel the doctors are missing the fact that my metabolism may be at fault with all this. Quick to rise and just as fast to fall after exercise. I can tell you even before I go mow the yard that I need to eat first as it will crash before I’m done. I’ve had it drop 131 points in 1 hour. Doctor gets mad when I bolus at 90 instead of waiting until its down to 70s or 60s. No way am I going to let it get that low with that fast of a drop. Thanks for the info on this pump. I’ve never heard of it but I will keep a look out for it now.

    • Thanks for reading! I think you mean 0.025 units per hour? I’ve just checked, the YpsoPump will go as low as 0.02 units per hour – so only slightly less.

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