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Type 1 Writes is my personal blog about life as a young adult living with type 1 diabetes in Australia. This includes, but is not limited to personal experiences, stories, advocacy, opinion pieces, news, media and anything else that may grab my interest.

Type 1 Writes is self funded. I run this site because I am passionate about diabetes, writing and having my own little corner of the internet to be creative with. All editorial, content, and opinions on this site are my own. I aim to be honest, respectful and credible at all times. I am not qualified to provide any medical treatment, advice or otherwise. I am simply sharing what works for me.

Type 1 Writes is happy to accept products, services, invitations or anything else that is relevant. I disclose all gifts and forms of compensation where relevant, however all subsequent opinions and content on this site will remain my own.

Pitches and PR requests are welcome. Please ensure that you have read and have a clear understanding of my blog and its editorial style. Also bear in mind that my blog is Australian based. Please note that I do not respond to any e-mails without a clear purpose or relevance to the content on this blog.

Content from this site may not be directly republished elsewhere. Excerpts, ideas and opinions from this site may be republished elsewhere as part of wider original content and on the expectation that it credits and links back to Type 1 Writes. If content from this site is directly republished and/or not not credited, then you are in violation of copyright.

In order to leave a comment on Type 1 Writes, you will be required to provide a valid e-mail address, which will not be shared with anyone other than myself. Comments that are deemed inappropriate, insensitive or spam may be moderated or deleted.

E-mail addresses collected via the opt in forms on this site are used for the purpose of alerting users to new blog posts. E-mail addresses will not be shared with anyone other than myself.

Diabetes Daily began syndicating Type 1 Writes blog posts as of November 2015. Diabetes Daily does not compensate me for syndicating blog posts, and has no influence over the editorial on this site.

I am also employed as a Freelance Writer for Diabetes Daily as of June 2017. Occasionally I may link to my columns over there, so please do bear in mind that in those instances I am being paid to write for a Diabetes Daily audience.

Type 1 Writes does not have any influence over the editorial of other sites on the Internet that feature my writing.

Type 1 Writes currently displays advertising, with a primary purpose of covering operational costs such as web hosting. Advertisements are managed through Google Adsense, and adheres to Google AdSense policy. I am compensated for advertising through Google Adsense. Type 1 Writes may also sell advertising on the site at the discretion of the owner. All site advertising does not have any influence over content or editorial at Type 1 Writes.

If you have any queries relating to site policy, please e-mail me frank(at)type1writes(dot)com.

Current as of November 5, 2017.