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Welcome to Type 1 Writes, my personal blog about life with type 1 diabetes in Australia. You can expect to find anything related to diabetes that might grab my interest here.

This blog is self funded. All editorial, content, and opinions on this site are my own. I aim to be honest, respectful and credible at all times. I am not qualified to provide any medical treatment, advice or otherwise. I am simply sharing what works for me.

I may accept products, services or hospitalities from time to time at my own discretion. Any such tokens will be disclosed where relevant, and any subsequent blog content remains my own unless otherwise specified.

Pitches and PR requests can be made through my contact page. Please note that I am based in Australia. I will not respond to any messages that do not have a clear purpose or relevance to this blog.

Content from this site may not be directly republished elsewhere. Excerpts, ideas and opinions from this site may be republished elsewhere as part of wider original content and on the expectation that it credits and links back to this site. If content from this site is directly republished or not credited, then you are in violation of copyright.

I do respectfully ask that permission is obtained prior to using any quotes from this blog that may form part of a presentation, prospectus, campaign, lobby or similar. My thoughts have evolved a lot over my time writing here, and I don’t want my words taken out of context! You can get in touch through my contact page. 

In order to leave a comment on this blog, you will be required to provide a valid e-mail address, which will not be shared with anyone other than myself. Comments that are deemed inappropriate, insensitive or spam may be moderated or deleted.

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Diabetes Daily has featured blog posts from this site in syndication, in addition to original writing which I am compensated for. Diabetes Daily has no influence over the editorial on this blog.

Type 1 Writes currently displays advertising on the site through Google Adsense. I do receive a small amount of compensation for the ads displayed on my site, which helps me to cover the operational costs of running this blog. I do not endorse any of the adverts displayed on this site, nor does advertising have any influence over my writing.

If you have any queries relating to site policy, please get in touch through my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by.

Last updated December 2019.