1. Dave Dawisha

    Hi Frank and anyone here,
    Asking for help as I have to pay $170 for 10 Tslim Trusteel 6mm infusion sets. Can I buy of anyone and happy to buy post and a bit extra for your time and effort?
    I’m not eligible for NDSS (I’m an international student and have been here in Melbourne from USA for 3 years).
    Thanks to anyone who’s listening and willing to help. I heard they are less than $20 from NDSS? Need cartridges as well.
    Just started Tslim last week andc believe how much it’s helped my blood sugars and overall health. What a blessing.

    • Hi Dave, get in touch with Diabetes Victoria if you haven’t done so already. They may be able to help/point you in the direction of assistance.
      There are also plenty of diabetes groups on Facebook where you might find people willing to help you out with supplies.

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