1. Tony Sangster

    Hi Frank, The pump belt clip is smaller in depth than the Animas pump clip and the Tandem Slim in its belt clip casing is very close the same width and length as the Animas Vibe pump with skin casing and clip, whereas the thickness difference is about 3mm. The Tandem belt clip is slightly more tricky to get onto the belt but I do notice the difference in thickness compared to wearing the Animas Vibe.
    The alarms can be pesky but I am grateful for them e.g. a reminder that I have not had a breakfast bolus, and 2 hours after a correction bolus for a highish BSL.
    I have invested in some power banks in case I have away from a power point too long and the pump battery needs charging, but 3 top ups per week of the pump when separated from me whilst showering keeps that in line.

    • I never wore my Animas with a skin, interesting observation!
      Glad you are finding the alarms useful as well. I guess we all have different needs. I think they will be useful to some people but not for everyone.

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