1. Jen

    Hi my 13 yo son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes only 7 weeks ago. We stumbled across your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. In this piece I was interested to see the difference between a CGM reading and a finger prick, my son has had a CGM for just a week and has experienced both this scenario, and also a lack of readings (‘no signal’) for hours on end. Does this also happen to you or others? Thanks

    • Jen, it does happen often, depending on the make and model of CGM, placement location and sometimes it just happens. Frank is a great resource. I suggest you also drop by diabetes daily or TUDiabetes.org where there are always helpful folks.

    • Hey Jen, welcome to the world of type 1. I should clarify that I use the FreeStyle Libre, which isn’t quite the same thing as a CGM. Have you been told about the lag time between finger pricks and CGM data? The CGM data can lag behind finger pricks by around 10-15 minutes as it’s a different type of fluid that is measured.

      Most of the time I find that my readings are within 1mmol of each other, but sometimes if it’s a bad sensor or placement the readings are out by more. I also find the accuracy is worse the higher my BGLs are.

  2. Rick Phillips

    Frank, I think diabetes makes everything more difficult. But think of the skills you have developed. The ability to balance blood glucose, talk, walk and weigh pretzels. Now those are transferable skills. 🙂

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