1. Rick Phillips

    Yes, but generally not because of the weather It usually goes up because of overeating and under exercising. .

  2. Merinda Page

    I’ve always looked at it the other way – I need less insulin in summer and routinely lower permanent basals when temperatures are consistently high – and of course, vice versa.

  3. Yes. My routine doesn’t alter due my other disabilities. So, it is not like I am any more or less active. But I’ve always struggled with this. This is why I have always passionately hated the month of February too. I doubt many in Scotland would say February is when we start to see Spring coming but the subtle changes and in any given week it will happen. BAM. I will need up to a third less insulin and will be going hypo all over the shop. It is never the same week. It never follows a weather pattern I have pinpointed yet. I just know at some point in February it all goes to hell in a hand-basket and I eventually find my summer routine. It alarms me how long it took my Team to acknowledge and accept this.

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