1. Rick Phillips

    Frank, I heard this the other day about the tandem. I was getting them with my Medtronic 670g on fast dose. The 670g has been fine on normal speed. I wonder, if it is pushing to fast?

  2. Sonia

    Hi Frank,

    As a user of this pump who experiences a LOT of occlusions (it happens with one set out of two!), I’d be curious to hear more about your experience with that. Did you reuse the canula on another spot when it happened? Could you identify reasons why it would happen? FYI I use the micro infusion sets, I felt the plastic ones were way too big.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sonia, the occlusions were happening far too often that I ended up switching back to my old pump. At the end, I was lucky to get 24 hours from an infusion set before it would trigger the occlusion alarm. I did notice that some cannulas looked bent when I pulled them out, possibly from external pressure when lying on it while I was asleep?

      I have always used an angled infusion set with my other pumps and very rarely have site issues. The 90 degree sets have not agreed with me in the past, so that’s what I have put it down to. Unfortunately it’s the only option with the YpsoPump.

      I can only suggest contacting customer service, if you haven’t already done so. Hope you are able to sort it out soon.

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