1. Rick Phillips

    Mine said I would likely live well until about 40 then things woudl be downhill. Yeah language matters a lot.

  2. Trish Greer

    One of my endocrinologists circled all of my low blood sugars on the BG log that I brought to the appointment and told me that I’d die in a car crash!!! I quipped, “Dr. W., if I spoke to my Deaf/HH student that way, none of them would listen to me!”
    Trish Greer

  3. Aidan Kerr

    Mate I hear you. My first Endo was horrible and had no bedside manner, he just spent the whole time speaking clinical notes into a Dictaphone while I was in the room. Went to the Randwick diabetes clinic for a second opinion and was criticised for not sticking with my first Endo! Third Endo was better but told me every low I was having was slowly giving me brain damage, sheesh. I tried going to the St Vincent diabetes clinic which I heard was good but the two appointments I went to the doctors were running 2 hours late and when I eventually saw them I just got the same info, count carbs, do exercise, avoid lows blah blah blah. I can’t see any reason to visit an Endo anymore. I haven’t found a good educator either so have just read lots of books, latest one is Think Like A Pancreas by a exercise physiologist who has type 1 diabetes.

  4. Thom

    Years ago, a new primary asked me if I had an Endo. When I told him I didn’t, he said, “Don’t bother.” He maintained that they might be scientists, but they weren’t healthcare professionals.
    I’m always amazed when someone assumes this is a lifestyle choice. Like, if I wasn’t so lazy, so careless, and lacking in responsibility I wouldn’t have any problems.
    Invite that Endo to keep up with you for a week, eat what you eat (and no more), exercise when you do, and test the typical 500 times a day.
    Then we’ll see how dismissive they can be over the challenges we face. Then they might realize that for some a 6.5 is a lot of work. That primary, BTW, was a DO. He seemed much better at considering every aspect of living with this noose around my pancreas. Alas, he retired. Now I have to go to a clinic. But I’ve never felt I needed an Endo.

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