1. Hi Frank,

    Just stumble on our blog. Great stuff. Thanks for doing that.
    I’ve been using Freestyle since August 2016 (almost two years now) and it has changed my life (for the good of course; but that’s another story). I was glad recently to see that the mobile app was at long last available in Australia. I’ve started using it a couple of days ago and for now I am find it quite good. One limitation is that the sharing (I mean exporting data in the cloud to connect a cloud service to it) doesn’t seem to work (or be set up) yet in Australia. Would you know details about that, and if Abbott is planning to provide this in the future?

    Alternatively, being able to save the data from the app would also be interesting but I haven’t found a way to do it.

    • Thanks for reading, Francois!

      I only got to use the app for 24 hours, so I didn’t have a lot of time to play around with it. My understanding is that there is a cloud based software on the horizon called LibreView, which is where you can export your data to. But i don’t think it has launched yet in Australia. I’m not too sure if other third party software like Diasend/Glooko would be able to receive the data from LibreLink, but that could be worth trying as well.

      • Thanks. Yes, so I have an account with Libreview; however it seems right now to not be “serving” Australia. It does ask for your country of residence when login in initially, and Australia is one of the choice, but somehow is not making yet much of this preference as it is not syncing with the librelink app when in Australia. I also have an account with Diasend, but not syncing either, as my understanding is that Diasend is actually getting the data from Libreview, not directly from the device…
        Anyway, thanks for your pointers, I guess this is an evolving situation and that hopefully we’ll have the Libreview thingy working soon.

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