• I had 24 hours to use it, but I had to delete the app when the DX event ended because it doesn’t officially launch until June 5. I’ll have a bit more of a review to share soon!

  1. Oh no Frank. When this gets to the US the Medicare system may collapse. They allow the freestyle but refuse to approve anything that uses the telephone to display or record data. Watch as the administrators heads explode. LOL

  2. Mel

    Hi Frank this is exciting news. I noticed that whilst your Libre reader said to wait 60 minutes to take a reading, this did not seem to be the case with the app ? Does this mean you can use the app immediately after you scan it in to take a reading ? Or did I miss something ?
    Kind Regards, Mel

  3. Anita Marie Mooney

    Hi my name is anita i have been a type 1 diabetic for 26 years i have just got this machine and sensor i love it i really hope it gets put on ndss as like many i cant afford $90 every 2 weeks not when i have a young family to feed

  4. natalie

    I have used 4 of these sensors and think they are absolutely amazing! You can see everything that has been happening even when were asleep! Its just sad that you have to be only a type to get the government subsidy. I miss out by only a couple of points at the moment because my Pancreas hasnt completely shut down as yet. I have been getting Pancreatitis attacks for almost 2yrs now, and its taking a toll on its function. My healthcare team are treating my diabetes as Type 1, but because my Pancreas is still making the smallest amount of Insulin, Im still classed as Type 2 by the government. Im currently on 4 injections a day and on maximum dose of Metformin daily. I have been a diabetic for 33yrs. I seriously think that having the subsidy for any type of diabetes would help everyone be able to control it. You can see everything that your body is doing from this amazing sensor!

  5. Natalie

    *corrections for my above post

    *Its just sad that you have to be only a “Type 1 Diabetic” to get the government subsidy.

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