1. Yeah I get that pattern. My basal more than triples from about 6pm when I finally sit down and stop running around for the day.

    Glad you sorted it. Its crazy how earlier things in our day can have such an impact.

    I also go into the 20’s immediately after exercise which is so frustrating. Theres nothing I can do to prevent it because I drop during exercise so cant give insulin until I’m done.

  2. Rick Phillips

    It is a puzzle that never seems completed, and if it is completed it is quickly undone. I say this because I imagine your insulin needs will change drastically many times in your life. I once took about 150 U daily and now use less than 70 U and many days am less than 50U. I have found such incredible differences as I age and gain and lose weight.

    By the way my diabetes is for sale, but I am not willing to pay more $1,000 (US) to sell it. Do you know any buyers?

  3. I have an interesting phenomenon that my BG goes lower at about 4.30 pm. I usually go for a 30-60 min walk about 5.30 and then watch my level go back up as the liver does its thing…then later when I take my shot ( basal) the walk kicks in and lowers my level faster- thats on a good day… Glad you sorted this out .

  4. Michael

    Frank – Don’t forget that high GI foods will drive your BGL soaring. One of the best things I find to control my BGL is food choices, and eating a meal with carbs when my BGL is above 8 means that it will be tough to bring it under control until several hours after eating. Eating an apple has a very different effect on my BGL compared to say a banana.
    Adding lemon juice to a rice dish for example (basmati rice is low GI) makes for more flavour but also drastically reduces the glycemic index of the food and lower BGL peak.

    A really cool thing that you can do when your BGL is high is “super bolus”. Take a correction bolus to bring your BGL down to your target and then take another bolus equivalent to your basal rate for the next hour – and turn your temporary basal rate to 0% for the next hour. This will bring your BGL down quickly but not drive you down to a hypo. In effect you have used the same amount of insulin over the same period of time- but brought it to effect sooner. It is very effective – experiment and see how you go. Using a CGM or freestyle libra will really help you work this out.

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