1. Hi Frank..It took me 22years to get the confidence to try the pump and I will never go back to injections ..It was the best thing I did. I use the omnipod its really easy and helped me reduce my insulin requirements, now i have start a low carb diet and reduced my insulin even more !!…you won’t look back….

  2. Yes big decision, i researched all available pumps in Australia for several months before i even had contact with the reps. I still feel good with my choice, i found the rep too sales orientated but the company had a clinical consultant and she was excellent. Once i made the decision it only took a couple of weeks to get the pump. The company i am with has a good clinical support set up, once my pump malfunctioned and i got a replacement within 24 hours. The data base is okay but i find it rather basic but have managed to find clinical data which enables me to be fully autonomous with all settings and patterns. Once you get the hang of it you will never go back. I’m already excited or you.

    One thing I found really useful was using cgm, I would certainly recommend using cgm, even for a brief time once you are comfortable with the pump itself, it definitely enables you to fine tune the pump and gives you so much insight into the variables effecting insulin requirements.

    When i got my pump it was as amazing as when disposable syringes took over from glass syringes but even more so. Look forward to reading your blogs on pumping.

  3. Great that you now have a decision and date. We (my 9 year old Joe) are starting pumping in less than two weeks – we chose the MiniMed back in September so P-day has been a while coming. We’ve got very used to injections, but I think the options with the pump like multi-wave bolus and the ability for us to correct at much lower numbers will be really helpful. We’ve had some issues with Levemir too so more control over the basal would be good. I worry though for my son that the pump is perceived as the panacea of flexibility and “control” when it’s just a different delivery system and I hope he is going to cope with the tubing and the canula insertion.

    We’ve been using the Libre for nearly three months and recently switched to the Dexcom CGM and I hope this data is going to be useful to help us get the most out of the pump. I’m not sure the Libre is available yet in your neck of the woods, but if you can get a CGM loan that could be invaluable.

    Look forward to hearing how it all goes.


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