1. Sandra

    Hi Frank, what you wrote is exactly right! My son was 4 years old when we were pushed into getting a pump, it was on for three weeks and my child’s levels did not come down from 22. I took him off the pump and within 8 hours we stabilised his levels. The pump now sits in the garage as we cannot on sell it so it was a waste of $9,000.
    We recently purchased the CGM at a total cost of $2000 and a yearly cost of $5000 and as you wrote no rep was willing to really help in us acquiring one. It took four months of pestering to be able to finally secure a CGM.
    You are right in the fact that there is no profit in a cure, these companies are making millions off other peoples diseases. There will be no cure for diabetes as the multi national companies will loose too much money, it’s sad but true.
    I hope my son one day does receive a cure but I know it will not happen in his life time.

    • Thanks Sandra! Those companies all try to sell the pumps with the promise of better blood sugar control. And as you’ve experienced, that’s not necessarily true all of the time. I really think that CGMs could be life changing to young children and parents, and I really do hope that we will see government and CGM companies working together to reduce costs and subsidise in the future (at least for those who need it most). I’m not super optimistic about a cure either, but it’s a nice thought 🙂

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