1. Catherine Rowley

    Hi Frank
    Thank you for your kind words about last night’s question I raised on Q&A. Yes I am the mother who bared all to try and raise just a bit of awareness of what we go through.
    I had great feedback from audience members, who advised they were brought to tears, to the Q&A team and Ken Wyatt himself.
    My young daughter watched from home and turned to her grandmother and said:
    “Grandma, some days I wish I would die so my mum didn’t have to go through this. I don’t like making her upset”
    It broke my heart, NO child should ever feel like their life has a price cap on it.

    Lets fight and get the CGM subsidised and keep our Type 1’s alive.

    • Hi Catherine, it was a pleasure to watch last night and to share it here today. Type 1 is often an invisible disease – many people don’t see/realise all that we have to go through, and you did an awesome job standing up for all of us. 🙂

  2. All I can say is thank you. You both voice what all parents of T1 children are going through. Master 5 was diagnosed 14 weeks ago (while he was still 4) …. if we can’t have a pump and CGM I will have to give up my part-time job to allow me to visit school every day to test levels and administer insulin. Funding is critical and crucial for all with T1 and their carers. Let’s hope I get more than 4 hours sleep tonight. ……..

    • I was really touched by the story, and I was compelled to share it here. Not enough people are aware of the “invisible” aspects that we go through to manage type 1 diabetes. I get it, 100%. I hope that something will come from this in future decision making.

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