1. Seems like something’s in the air with burn out lately! I admire those who are strong enough to say it like it is, which is exactly what you did in this post. We deal with a lot of physical and mental nuisances from diabetes, and sometimes we just need a break even if it is tough to pinpoint exactly why. I hope the weekend is refreshing for you, Frank!

  2. I’m a battle weary mum at the moment so I can only imagine how you feel. You sound like a strong guy who is surrounded by good people. Don’t be afraid to lean on them too! Have a relaxing weekend! Holidays starting here! Woohoo!

  3. I had some good advice the other day, its hard to stay positive all the time and sometimes we need to have negative days to make the positives better. I feel your pain mate, I have been in the same headspace, hopefully u get some good blood test results to cheer you up.

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