1. It’s understandable what you’re going through. A word about the “concerned looks of sadness.” I would just tell them to take it easy and follow with a statement that I can handle it. You have to however sound confident and assertive. Don’t let them know they got under your skin.

    This is just me. My 2 cents.

  2. I feel like everyone has “food pushers” in their lives. Diabetes or not, when an offer of food is turned down the first time, there’s no need to insist. Then there’s the whole different issue of people who never offer you food because you have diabetes (I was once, very publicly, denied cake at a baby shower).

    • Yes, and food pushers are particularly bad in Italian/European cultures. And yes, I’m always told what I can and can’t eat at family gatherings (again, an Italian thing!). Thanks for sharing, Rachel 🙂

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