Selfish Perspectives

I feel like I’ve been pretty selfish this week.

On Monday I shouted iced coffees for my team at work on a 42 degree day. I drove my air conditioned car to diabetes clinic, paid an overpriced fee to park undercover and complained about it. I made the decision to switch to an expensive insulin pump in May, even though I can do the same thing with injections. I whinged about an endo who wasn’t supportive enough, despite the fact that I had access to a diabetes specialist and paid absolutely nothing to see him.

On Tuesday I bought croissants to have for lunch the next day, even though I had bread in the cupboard at home. I bought my favourite coffee capsules that were on sale, despite the fact that I already had a stockpile in my locker and instant coffee in the kitchen that would do the same job in satisfying my caffeine fix. I also went out dinner with my family for Mum’s birthday, despite the fact that the cupboards and fridges at home are never empty.

On Wednesday I wanted to make a cake for my Mum’s actual birthday, despite the fact that we’d already celebrated with a fancy dinner. I drove my air conditioned car to the supermarket that is literally a stone’s throw from my house, despite the fact that I could have walked there. I bought cooking chocolate, almonds and whipping cream, even though I could have easily made a simpler cake with the ingredients on hand at home.

On Thursday I asked my team mates if they wanted to pitch in and play lotto for the $20 million this Saturday, even though I already have enough money to live comfortably. I walked over to the coffee shop at lunch time for an iced coffee, even though I had coffee capsules and instant coffee at work. I apologised for the gift card I gave to my Mum for her birthday because it wasn’t thoughtful enough, despite the fact that I’d spent a generous amount of money on it.

Which brings me to Friday. More than likely, I’m going to buy an overpriced coffee on the way to work this morning. I’ll be too lazy to make my lunch at home, and I’ll just buy junk food that I don’t really need to be eating. I’ll probably withdraw some money from the ATM on the way out for the weekend, even though I have bank cards in my wallet that do the same thing.

And you’re probably wondering what the point of this rambly post is, right?

I’ve been reflecting on all of this today, and it really got me to thinking about Spare a Rose and my own donation to Life For a Child a week ago. When I think of the disadvantaged children in other parts of the world who cannot afford insulin and diabetes supplies, my own complaints look really petty and selfish. Compared to all of the unnecessary money I’ve spent this week, my own donation to Life For a Child seems pretty poor.

So, today I’ve matched the donation I made to Life For a Child a week ago.

Without access to diabetes supplies, education and healthcare, people with diabetes will suffer. Without insulin, people with diabetes won’t survive. That’s a human being living with the same condition, just like you or I. Or a son. A daughter. A sister. A brother. A mother. A father. A friend. A family member. An aquaintance. Or even a stranger.

If you are reading this, you are touched by diabetes.

And nobody deserves to die because they have diabetes.

This weekend, consider telling your loved ones that you’ve given life to a child with diabetes rather than gifts.

Flowers die, but children shouldn’t.

Visit, and give life to a child with diabetes today.

Also be sure to check out the folks at t1interational, who advocate for people with diabetes in developing countries. I wrote about their Insulin 4 All campaign in November.


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