Spare a Rose, Give Life to a Child With Diabetes

My blood glucose meter often leaves me in doubt after bedtime tests. Thoughts will begin to race through my head. Did the test strip pick up more sweat than actual blood? Are my hands dry enough? Did any water get in there? How much has it dropped since the last time I tested? No, there’s no way that my BGL can be THAT high!

My head tells me that I’m being silly. But at the same time, my sub conscious tells me I need that second test, just to be sure. I don’t think about those less fortunate people with diabetes often enough. However during these moments of doubt, as I’m turfing a test strip for a fresh one, I often do.

I think about how lucky I am to live in a country where access to test strips is reasonable and affordable. I think about how lucky I am to be able to use test strips like water, if I need to. I think about the comfort and ease of mind I feel because of this life saving tool that I could not possibly live without. I think about how silly some of my rants on this blog must seem in comparison to more serious issues out there in the world.

Lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death for children with diabetes in many countries around the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, the estimated life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes could be less than a year.


That’s why this February, we in the Diabetes Community are encouraged to Spare a Rose. The premise is simple: buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day, and donate the value of that rose (approximately $6 Australian dollars) to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life For a Child program. The cost of that one rose provides life-saving diabetes supplies, medication, and education that children in developing countries need to stay alive. One rose, one month of life to a child with diabetes. A dozen roses, a year of life for a child with diabetes.

I have donated the gift of life to a child with diabetes. You can make a donation to Life For a Child too. Click here.

I will be taking Spare A Rose printouts into Diabetes Clinic on Monday.

I’ll also be supporting #SpareARose on social media. Grab the Facebook and Twitter covers here!

Spare a Rose, and give Life to a Child with diabetes in need this February. A far more meaningful gift than those corny flowers and pink stuff. Just saying.

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  1. As always Frank you speak volumes for our entire community. I want you to know I referred this blog to the TUDiabetes blog site for inclusion….rick

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