Logging My First Big Blue Test!

I’ve never truly understood the big obsession with Fitbits and step counts and runkeepers. That is, until I opened the Health app on my iPhone about a month ago. That nifty little app has been logging my step count all year long without me even knowing. And looking at the stats, they’re a little embarassing. I can see a huge peak during the month of July, when I was galavanting around Canberra and Sydney having the time of my life (which seems like a lifetime ago, mind you). Then there are some massive slumps on either side while I’ve been back at boring old home.

I’ve been working on getting my step count up over the last month, going for walks most afternoons. Even factoring in the steps that my iPhone doesn’t log while I’m at work (and I would log a lot during my work day), it’s still incredibly hard to reach 10,000 a day!

Which brings me to the Big Blue Test. The Big Blue Test is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the guys who are also behind the wonderful TuDiabetes community. The Big Blue Test helps to raise money for diabetes charities that provide life saving supplies, services and education to people with diabetes in need.

It’s as simple as testing your blood glucose.


Getting active for at least 14 minutes of physical activity. If you hate exercise as much as I do, physical activity can be absolutely anything. Also coincidentally wearing blue for Blue Fridays (and being a good diabetic by wearing socks on my feet, of course).


Testing your blood glucose level again. Hopefully you see a nice drop in your BGLs after exercising like I did in this instance!


And then logging the details at www.bigbluetest.org or by downloading the Big Blue Test iPhone app. It will literally take a minute of your time, for a series of activities that you probably do already.

Each Big Blue Test that you log between now and November 30 will trigger a $1 donation to diabetes charities. There have been 101,500 Big Blue Tests completed since 2010, this year we are hoping to reach 110,000.

So get testing this weekend.


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