Friday Feelings

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Fridays.

Its my favourite day of the week, obviously. Waking up to my 6am alarm one last time followed by my speedy 40 minute routine of making the bed, getting dressed, having a slice of toast, a quick coffee and a brief catch up with the Twitter world before heading out the door by 6.40am. All to be followed by two days of being able to sleep in, take my time at the breakfast table and enjoy a leisurely morning.

I also look forward to Friday because its the day I normally deviate from my small home coffee with Equal sweetener and my semi healthy lunch of toast, fruit, nuts and tea. On a Friday its a large cappucino with 2 sugars from the coffee shop near work. At lunch time I’ll head to the food court where it’ll be something like coffee and a muffin or a burger and chips. If I’m feeling really generous, I’ll also grab an Iced Coffee, Boost Juice or Marvellous Creations chocolate bar. But it never seems to be able to end at the food court.

When I get home in the afternoon, I go through my usual motions of opening the cupboards and fridges. I don’t often have anything to eat in the afternoons these days. I’ve been eating junk food in the afternoons for most of my life, and I guess opening all the doors is just a habit that’s stuck with me. However, when I do this on a Friday, I can still taste the salt in my mouth or sugar on my tongue. Its a lasting reminder of the temptation that I indulged in today. A reminder of how I’ve thrown today out the window. Its justification enough to indulge in whatever is lying around in the cupboards – potato chips, lollies, chocolate or biscuits. I’ll think to myself, “why not.” I’ll think to myself, “the diet starts tomorrow.”

The worst part about all this is that I usually spoil my appetite for dinner (and probably Saturday morning brekky too), and I pay the price for it when I wake up and check my blood sugar levels on Saturday morning.

So, after indulging in some tempting food choices today, I’m sitting here at my desk this afternoon with my semi healthy coffee and nuts, writing about it. I’m hoping that today will be a better Friday, and a better start to the weekend.


8 thoughts on “Friday Feelings

  1. I understand how challenging it is to have to be so disciplined but its cool that you allow yourself the freedom to do what you feel like. Otherwise we go crazy! I certainly do…for me though its almonds 🙂 go figure

    1. I find it hilarious that you binge on almonds…I need to do stuff that makes me feel normal sometimes. Have a great weekend, Rachel 🙂

  2. Yep. Once you’ve had one “junk” food choice then why not…

    Maybe something that could help would be to use agave sweetner in your coffee. It tastes much better than the artificial choices and, in moderation, doesn’t have the same quick rise in blood sugar. Stevia isn’t half bad either (especially since you’re used to Equal) although you have to read labels to make sure it is pure stevia. Stevia has the added benefit of not raising sugar levels at all. It can actually have the opposite effect if you’re not careful. I used to make chocolate out of unsweetened coconut flakes and unsweetened coco and stevia liquid but if I ate too much I would tend to go low.

    I like the name of that chocolate bar – Marvelous Creations. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip! When I’m at coffee shops its just easier to order Cappucino with 2 sugars instead of adding sweetener myself (just me being lazy). And you have to try Marvellous Creations if you can get your hands on one – its got jelly and crunchy bits inside that pop and crackle in your mouth…

      1. No, I get that. When you go to the coffee shop for a treat, you don’t want to have to make it yourself. Otherwise you’d just bring it from home and save the extra expense anyway. Our local Starbucks carries agave so I can order my tea latte with that. I love the smell of coffee but don’t often have it. I used to order their Carmel Macchiato but now that I can bolus for them I find them too sweet for my taste. I’ll have to look for the marvelous creations.

        1. That’s really good that Starbucks carries Agave – I wish we had more of those options here. Yeah, you have to try it if you can – its a line of Cadbury chocolate if that helps 🙂

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