Diabetes Blog Week…And That’s a Wrap!

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I must say that I’m pretty overwhelmed at the response to my first Diabetes Blog Week. I was pretty daunted at the prospect of writing 7 posts in 7 days, but was also up for the challenge. To stretch myself creatively. Over the past 7 days I’ve had very little sleep, instead being tempted to stay up way past my bedtime to read and comment on as many of the 100+ blog posts that my eyes will let me. Of course, it didn’t help that while you dBloggers in the UK and US were waking up and posting, I was yawning and fighting the urge to go to bed.

It really has been a fantastic experience for me, as a fairly new blogger. Its really connected me with the Diabetes Online Community, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and discovering many great blogs/bloggers that I never even knew existed! And even though this event has been running for 6 years, I really think Karen Graffeo of Bitter Sweet Diabetes deserves a massive thankyou. Thank you for all your hard work in organising the event and for allowing me to participate in this experience.

Last night as I was telling my parents about dBlogWeek at the dinner table, my Mum asked me what I had learned over the course of this week. Well, a lot actually…

Firstly, type 1 in young children. I was fortunate to be diagnosed at 17, but there are so many who are diagnosed as young children. I could not even imagine. I read some really touching youth stories (thanks Very Light No Sugar). Of d-parents who get up in the middle of the night to test their little one (thanks Diabetes Advocacy). Of d-kids who are taking control of their disease (thanks Understudy Pancreas). I admire you all.

Secondly, Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices. I’m on Multiple Daily Injections, but I’ve read so many stories about people’s lives that have changed for the better thanks to pumping. You’ve definitely motivated me to go and find out more.

Thirdly, those of you who have been living with diabetes for a long time. It really made me realise how lucky I am that I live with diabetes in 2015. Like the fact that we never had Lantus (long acting insulin) to keep our BGLs stable overnight (thanks Test, Guess and Go). Like the fact that we weren’t able to check our Blood Sugar Levels at home back then. That insulin wasn’t always safe or readily available. And that diabetes was once a life sentence (thanks RADiabetes). Today, we have inspiring people like the Type 1 Diabeater who are travelling the world and having all sorts of incredible adventures. With Diabetes no less.

And then there were the funnies. I read a Pancreas Eulogy (thanks Just Normalash). There were posts mocking all those “diabetes cures” (thanks Running Without Sugar). And all those fad diets (thanks Carb Counting Kids)A hilarious timeline of what diabetes status updates would look like (thanks Lazy Pancreas). I was fascinated at how many people were hoarding diabetes supplies (I won’t single you out!). And there were memes.

Like this one (thanks Coffee and Insulin).


And this one (thanks Grumpy Pumper).


And this one (thanks One Sweet Cookie).


Thanks to everyone who has participated in Diabetes Blog Week. I just love the way its really brought the Diabetes Online Community together in a positive way. Thanks for sharing all of your stories, your advice, for inspiring me and for making me laugh. I only wish I could have read them all! Thanks for reading and commenting and for all the positive feedback. If anything, I feel even more passionate about diabetes. I feel even more empowered to write and to advocate. To read more great blog posts and make more connections going forward.

But right now, I feel absolutely burnt out (which I never thought I’d say about blogging!). And I’m dying for a good night’s sleep. See you again next year.

I’ve written this post as a participant in Diabetes Blog Week 2015. Follow #dBlogWeek on Twitter for the latest on the event and its participants.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week…And That’s a Wrap!

  1. Great recap of the week and I can tell that I have a lot of reading left to do. So nice to have “met” you, Frank, and I predict a great future for your blog. One thing you did quite admirably this week was make connections by reading and commenting on other blogs. As a new blogger, there is no better way for you to gain exposure for your blog. I’ve only been blogging for two years, but I have a special closeness to some other people who started writing at about the same time and we commented back and forth.

    1. Thankyou so much Laddie for all the positive comments over the week, it was great to “meet” you too. Yes, d-Blog Week has certainly been a very valuable experience to me as a new blogger, and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it. The future certainly looks promising, but today I’m just glad to be able to have a break!

  2. I’m glad you participated, it was nice to “meet” you. Great recap and I’m glad you were able to learn a lot-I would be lost without my pump and CGM! Look forward to reading more from you!

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