Taking a Break From Diabetes at Easter

I am sitting here on this balmy Easter Sunday with an extremely full stomach after a big day of indulgence.

My day began with an early coffee and some leftover dolcini (Italian sweets) from our family get together last night. After early Mass a Baileys was in order along with plenty of helpings from the chocolate basket on the coffee table (that was my breakfast, in case you were wondering!). On the menu for lunch it was pasta bake (like lasagne but with pasta), which has become somewhat of a festive tradition in our house, accompanied by mini pizzas and red wine. After a brief rest in front of the telly an array of deserts including Rocky Road, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cannoli and more Easter eggs awaited us.

And let’s just say that this was actually a good year. After failing last year, I actually managed to give up chocolate for the most part of lent (minus two accidents!). I also didn’t have this at home to tempt me this year…


Its the prize I won at work last year for correctly guessing the 510 easter eggs sitting in that jar! 510! It ended up sitting on our coffee table until about July, tempting the whole family to grab one every time we walked past.

Needless to say I was sick of chocolate by the time it was over. Anyway…

All I really wanted to say today is that even though this behaviour would likely give my doctor a heart attack, diabetes is a 24/7 job, 365 days of the year. Its not something that I can leave at my office desk at 5pm on Friday and return to at 9am on Monday. And frankly, I’m sick of people telling me “oh, you shouldn’t be eating this, should you?” without fully understanding diabetes. So long as I am aware of what I am consuming and how I have to respond, I think I’ve earned a day (or two!) of indulgence.

Cheers for all the fantastic support so far, and wherever you are in the world, HAPPY EASTER!

Bring on the food hangover tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “Taking a Break From Diabetes at Easter

    1. Haha that’s been me for the last few mornings too! And I’ve just seen “That Sugar Film” today so I’m feeling extra guilty about my Easter binge eating!

    1. You should definitely Google it – it’s a real eye opener about the hidden sugar in seemingly healthy low fat foods. It’s pretty big here in Australia at the moment. Good luck to you as well and thank you so much for reading 🙂

    1. Agreed! Everyone loves to tell me stories about their friend or cousin with diabetes and act like they know it all…hope you had a great Easter Tessa 🙂

  1. I managed to avoid the Easter hangover via distraction. Gave the kids their eggs then I headed out into the bush to an awesome Mountain Bike Trail for the morning. @Julie Blue, that’s the thing about chocolate, it seems to have a delayed onset on your sugar levels.

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