1. I was very interested to read your post this morning, I couldn’t agree with you more on the bulky case thing, however it comes in very useful if the T slim is accidentally dropped which I have done on more than one occasion. Thankfully mine bounced with the case on, I doubt it would do that without the case. Although I would be keen to get an update on your new find though?

  2. Merinda

    I keep a rubber band (purple – off a bunch of asparagus) around my t:slim at the end of the cartridge near the gap. It’s easier to keep hold of the pump and it will stay-put on the blanket box whilst I dress. And because I use a 90cm line the pump sits on the floor/on top of a shopping bag in change rooms so little chance of dropping it on both counts.

  3. […] When I unboxed my first t:slim two years ago, I knew there was absolutely no way that I would be able to use it with its horrendously chunky case. What was the point of having such a sleek pump if I had to encase it in something that made it look as bulky as the … [Read more…] […]

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