Lessening the Load.

It’s been a scorcher of a week in Perth. I’ve switched my milky coffees for iced, and it feels like the last ‘normal’ day of the year before we lose all sense of what day it is and what we’re supposed to be doing.

Unlike all of the emails I’ve been receiving prompting me of prolonged Christmas closures and the inability to get anything done for two weeks, diabetes won’t be taking any time off for Christmas. In fact, it will be open for business on Christmas Day, right through until New Years and beyond. Jealous.

Which is why, I think taking some time out and lessening the load at this point of the year is more important than ever.

I’m so looking forward to a break, made even better by the fact that Christmas falls nicely next to a weekend this year. Four whole days off, with another three to follow in a week. For me, that’s definitely going to look like sleeping in, having my feet up, spending time with family and of course lots of food and drink.

My pump break is definitely going to be one of those ways that I’ll be lessening the load on diabetes this festive season. It feels so freeing to not be reliant on maintaining a constant attachment to my pump for infusion of insulin, and I imagine it will be some time until I am ready to return. I’m literally picturing myself running through beach sand, a million miles away from my pump knowing that the long acting inside of me has my back.

I’m also cutting myself some slack for numbers which I might not usually tolerate. Like yesterday, when I was riding a little high after breakfast at work. It was a busy morning, my long acting wasn’t quite right and I didn’t have the convenience of being able to pull out my pump and swiftly correct. But in all honesty, I didn’t care less. I felt great. I rode it out, and got to it when I could.

My final feeling is that Christmas Day with diabetes doesn’t really need to be any different than another day with diabetes. Everyone around you likes to make you feel like it’s daunting and that it must be some mammoth task. But I know what works for me, and I know what doesn’t work for me. I’ll be doing exactly the same thing on Christmas Day that I’ve been doing during the other 364 days of the year to manage.

Merry Christmas. Thanks for reading my extremely sporadic posts over these past few months. Special thoughts to those in New South Wales, particularly in Greater Sydney and the Northern Beaches. A massive thank you to everyone who has played their part over the course of this year in keeping us all safe here in Australia. We’ve got this.


  1. My grandma was in a senior care facility for a few years before her death. Being type 2 they watched her diet fairly closely and of course she hated it. But on four days per year they loosened the restrictions. Christmas day was one, birthdays were also loosened up.

    We celebrate Thanksgiving on a national day in November and that was also loosened. Then the 4th of July, also a national holiday of our countries birthday.

    Now my grandma was also keen on getting her four days. he demanded it in fact and she would call most of us to remind us that she could have cake, cookies, and her favorite pie on these days.

    the year she passed in February, she told my dad that she could finally go in peace knowing she got apple pie, vanilla ice cream , and two pieces of cake on Christmas.

    I told her, I was looking forward to a diet day like that someday. we had a good laugh, one of my last laughs with her.

    thinking of her I might have some pie on Friday.

  2. Merry Xmas and Happy New year Frank. Enjoy the pump break. I stopped using my pump at Easter this week – after 8 years because of too many episodes of poor absorption. Happy on my twice a day very low carb meals with Levemir in small dose 8 hourly and Actrapid before each meal, with Novorapid to correct any time above about 7.5 mmol/l and managed a HBAIVC of 5.3% Not boasting, just saying it is possible with only ‘hypos’ around the 3.6 mol/l less than once per fortnight. I hope your accounting course will be over soon and that the weather is not too harsh. We have been lucky here in Adelaide, so far !

  3. Ivan

    I eat whatever I want for the past 43 years living with type1 diabetes. I have perfect health and zero complications using simple and inexpensive MDI.

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