Diabetes Tech Updates: August 2020

A few more diabetes tech tidbits as we enter August.

I’ve been tuning into Mylife diabetescare’s excellent ‘T1 Connects’ webinar series which has been running fortnightly throughout Winter. Last week’s final instalment featured James Major, head of the Aussie division, who provided some insight into upcoming developments.

An update to the mylife app, which is currently used for bolus calculations and to sync data from the YpsoPump via Bluetooth, is expected in November. This update will provide integration with the Dexcom G6, which was announced earlier this year. The app can also be used in MDI mode for those not using pumps, so I would assume it would offer the same functionality here as well.

A further update is expected around April 2021, which will add the long awaited promise of being able to remotely control the YpsoPump from the mylife app. This would definitely set apart the YpsoPump from any other pump on the market right now.

I will stress that these are only expected dates that are yet to be confirmed. As we’ve seen with a lot of diabetes tech, PWD are often promised the world but spend more time actually waiting for those promises to be fulfilled.

The company introduced luer lock infusion sets some time ago, which generously opens up Ypsomed’s orbit infusion sets up for use with many other insulin pumps. There are more infusion sets which are launching soon, which I’m led to believe will more closely resemble the Unomedical range manufactured for Medtronic, Tandem and AccuChek pumps – but there are no plans for angled sets. This has all been in direct response to customer feedback, so well done to James, Sylva and the team.

Also. unknown to me, mylife diabetescare will also replace batteries free of charge for YpsoPump users.

Medtronic have a new insulin pump which I would expect to see rolled out in Australia imminently. It’s listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ATRG) and has been added to the Prosthesis list alongside other pumps covered by Private Health Insurance here in Australia.

Dubbed the ‘770G’, this pump is capable of running the current 670G algorithm. It can then be updated to the new (and presumably improved) algorithm which will run in the upcoming but yet to be approved 780G system. With mixed feedback for the 670G and promised updates being a big selling point for Tandem’s t:slim, updatable software might just give Medtronic more of a competitive edge.

Finally, the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring system is here. I have been trialling the system for the past three weeks (distributor AMSL Diabetes have provided me with a trial of the new system at no cost). It features a much easier one touch applicator device, slimmer profile transmitter, 10 day sensor and no requirement for calibrations. Watch this space for a review very soon. Don’t expect any belly shots, though…

Last but not least, thoughts to all in Victoria who are dealing with the impacts of Coronavirus lockdowns this week. Please look after yourself.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Martin Scivier

    Your comment re: further update which will add the long awaited promise of being able to remotely control the YpsoPump from the mylife app. This would definitely set apart the YpsoPump from any other pump on the market right now.
    It’s not quite right the Dana RS pump is totally controlled by the AnyDana app on an android phone. The only time you need to touch the pump is when refilling.

    • Thanks for your comment, and I’m sure you are correct. Its easy to overlook the Dana as a commercial offering as it’s not widely used or promoted in the same way as the other players do – at least here in Australia.

  2. Nancy

    Hi The Medtrum tubeless pump already has option be fully controlled by mobile phone EasyPatch app and already has CGM integration with predictive and low glucose suspend- available European region only currently

  3. Rick Phillips

    Oh I am so looking forward to the 770g Medtronic pump. I understand they are discussing it for US release in December. I am already lines up. I love new tech.

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