Giveaway: Glucology Pocket Sharps Container

When I’m out and checking my blood sugar on the go, test strips usually end up scattered on the bottom of my spares bag, in the pockets of my clothing, on the floor of my car or the inside of my satchel.

Back when I was on pens, I only used to change my needle once a day. In hindsight, it hurt after my fifth jab of the day. It wasn’t the most responsible strategy in terms of travelling prepared either, but it was convenient while I was on the go.

I can also recall having to scramble, right before a holiday, to find a container that was just the right size to fit all of my sharps. Finding something portable and practical amongst milk bottles, coke cans, spice jars or spreadables in such a short space of time was quite the challenge. I’ll even admit to placing sharps straight into hotel bins.

Travelling with diabetes takes up a lot of space. While I’ve slowly become more responsible in travelling prepared over the years, I still don’t want to carry anything more than I absolutely have to.

So when a company called IBD Medical reached out and asked if I’d like to try any of their ‘Glucology’ branded diabetes accessories, I chose this.

The pen needle pocket container holds 25 pen needle tips in addition to used lancets and test strips. There’s a green locking mechanism on the underside, with a custom insert allowing you to simply insert the tip of your pen and twist the needle off – which means you don’t need to handle used sharps.

I really like that it didn’t look overly ‘medical.’ It could easily be mistaken for another piece of stationery. I used mine mostly for test strips, however I also found it well suited for the small sharps found in my insulin pump consumables. It’d be quite handy for the unexpected middle of the day set change.

These are designed for single use, with the secure lock allowing for safe disposal when full. An order does also come with a very generous three bins. However, I’d definitely be tempted to try and empty this into my sharps container at home and reuse.

It fitted nicely inside my pocket, pump belt and satchel. For me, the most practical way I’d carry this is inside my diabetes spares bag. It would definitely be a great solution for my next trip in 2050.

I also chose these finger cleaning wipes. I’m a bit paranoid about having clean hands when checking my blood sugar. These were really nice for those middle-of-the-night or first-thing-in-the-morning checks, saving me from dragging myself out of bed to wash my hands. They were also handy for wiping the residual blood off from my hands, rather than wiping it off on the side of my test strip like I normally do.

IBD Medical – who sent me these products – are a Sydney based online retailer. Their Glucology line of diabetes accessories do look very stylish, providing discrete and innovative solutions for people with diabetes. They’ll ship worldwide.

The ‘Glucology’ line of diabetes accessories can be found here.

I also have a discount code ‘TYPE1WRITES’ which will give you 10% off at the checkout and free expedited shipping.

To make this a review a little more fun, I have a small prize of two pocket sharps containers and some finger wipes to give away to one of my Aussie readers (this part is not sponsored). To enter, send me a message through my contact page (click here) before 5pm WST Sunday, telling me in 50 words or less which State you are from and why you’d like them. I will send these to any valid Australian postal address. A winner will be chosen by me and contacted next week.

Happy Friday!

Disclosure: IBD Medical sent me the products mentioned in this blog post at no cost for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Thank you Frank for highlighting this nifty gadget. I must admit when I was using a pump that a small pair of scissors to cut infusion set tubing and an empty test strip container did the trick for me.

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