1. I’m not sure if ‘congrats’ is the right word to say happy diaversary… I am inspired by you, love what you have learned and look to you for the latest ways to live with this disease with grace. May the tech keep getting better…in the mean time enjoy this day as a day where all the work you put in each and every day has definitely paid off…

  2. Barb Wheeler

    I hit a decade a LONG time ago. This past January I hit my 48th Diaversary. Things have changed SO much from when I was first diagnosed in 1972. Counting carbs? Checking blood sugar? Never heard of! So thankful for my care today and my Omnipod and Dexcom CGN.

  3. Ivan

    I have had type1 for 42 years eat normal food and use MDI. I have perfect health and zero complications. Too many diabetics are feeling sorry for themselves these days. Such a sad and pitiful life for them.

    • Michele dN

      I agree, after 5 decades of diabetes I am still going strong. I believe to some extent you become what you manifest: If you believe you are strong resilient and empowered then that is how people perceive you as it is your reality. Far too many PWD are sadly fitting into the โ€œdisabledโ€ mentality. I am unsure if it is the health system that contributes
      to this or wanting your cake and eat it too dilemma. What happened to grit and fortitude ? Diabetes is basically tedious and boring like a lot of things in life, you have to develop some degree of self discipline, alternatively grab the disabled
      Label and lament about what you could have been….

  4. Paul stefanetti

    Had type 1 for 30 years.
    Tried pump for 1 year but happy to continue with pen injections.
    Like to keep it simple.
    Thats my motto.

  5. jannercott

    You’re doing brilliantly Frank. Inspiring people and getting on with life, your life, going triumphantly down the road it has taken you. Many others are joining you every day on this road that T1s take…and the people joining the road initially look to others for help, guidance and support. They will look to you. Continue to be who you are and doing what you’re doing. You will not always know you are making a difference, but you are ! Well done on all your achievements in the past 10 years.

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