Flu Shot

This morning, I got my flu shot.

Flu shots haven’t traditionally been something that I’ve made the effort to get done. I don’t tend to catch colds all that often. I usually look after myself by regularly washing my hands, which is something I have been doing well before the government began telling us to. Did I mention that I’m slack when it comes to scheduling an appointment when I could be putting up my feet?

However this time last year, I’d only just started my degree. I knew that the last thing I wanted was to catch a cold or worse while I was anxiously studying for my first exams in several years. So, I figured I’d get it done.

Then of course, comes this year. If there ever was a year to get a flu shot, this would probably be it. No, there’s no vaccine against Coronavirus, but there is a vaccine that will help to make it less complicated. And it’s free to people with diabetes.

I asked my GP how he was going amongst all of this, and he equally seemed to be doing it tough right now. With patients reluctant to visit practices, he’s been inundated with phone calls requesting prescriptions and free advice over the phone. He’s also been offering free bulk billing to thank his patients for their support – even though I would have been happy to pay his very small out of pocket fee.

He also noticed the extremely shabby Dexcom on my arm, and couldn’t believe how big it was compared to FreeStyle Libre. He also couldn’t believe that pumps and CGMs don’t talk to each other yet. If only…

Anticipating some spectacular insulin resistance, I put a temp rate of 150% on as soon as I took a seat in the waiting room. Then, I drove down to the beach and walked it down along the coast in this spectacular weather we’ve been having this week. I added another 50% to my lunchtime insulin dose, and surprisingly my graph is looking as spectacular as the weather outside today.

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  1. Michele dN

    I haven’t had a flu vac for some years now but I decided given Civid19, that lowering my risk of a secondary infection if I do acquire Coronavirus would be a positive. I take a multifactorial view to diabetes and use a very broad
    multimodal approach. Fundamentally when I consider the best outcome for my health and the flu I think of the impact diabetes has on my immune system. Deregulation of bgl’s adversely effects the immune system and vice versa, interestingly recent data has shown that diabetics and non diabetics with poorer out comes from covid 19 have glycemic deregulation and hyperglycaemia. The paper suggested that covid 19 may somehow impact on glycemic control in a novel way, given non diabetics are impacted as well. Over the years I have had odd thoughts at times as to why I see an endo and not a immunologist, lol. So I focus a lot on epigenetics; works for me. BTW my CGM talks to my pump, I have a Medtronic, money spinner is probably why they are not all inter compatible. Had my first Telehealth consult with my endo today, It was great, maybe the gov will extend it indefinitely.

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