FreeStyle Libre Added to the NDSS!

Unpacking the recent expansion to the CGM subsidy scheme here in Australia, which included the much anticipated addition of FreeStyle Libre.

Not said in the vlog, but well done to Abbott and the Department of Health for (finally) reaching an agreement.


  1. Pat Keating

    Thanks Frank, nice to hear your voice. CGM hopefully will be subsided to all Type 1 Diabetics one day. It’s a step in the right direction.
    Regs Pat.

  2. Amelie George

    I like your all blogs. Every blog is full of information. Thanks a ton. I’ve been using my libre sensor for a year and half. I really liked the freestyle libre and app as I can avoid frequent painful pricking tests. For the last 8 months I added Ambrosia’s blucon nightrider on my libre sensor which converted a flash glucose monitoring device (libre sensor) to a continuous glucose monitoring device (CGM). Their linkblucon for patients and followblucon for caregiver app is wonderful. We can share readings with caregivers, can get readings on apple watch alone. It helped me a lot during my sleep. Earlier I have to wake up from my deep sleep because of High glucose But now I’m more relaxed because Blucon gives me alarm when every my glucose level goes high or low.

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