I woke up this morning to the gentle sound of my sleep cycle alarm. It was a lot darker than usual, because I was waking up a lot earlier than usual today.

My first thought was that I hadn’t stirred during the night. Nor had my CGM gathered my attention for the last eight hours.

I reached for my iPhone and swiped left.

‘Oh, shit!’ I exclaimed at the widget on my home screen as a wave of furiosity instantly hit me.

I’d spent the past three hours riding around the 11 mark. Possibly higher, because I forgot to check my blood sugar for reference which I like to do when I’m high.

I wondered how on earth I was only finding about this now, and unlocked my iPhone with a press of my thumbprint. When I opened up the Dex app, I found the culprit in a high alarm that had been completely turned off.

I have no idea whatsoever how that happened. I distinctly remember opening the app and lowering my high alert from 8mmol to 7mmol last night, like I do every other night before bed.

As I flipped my phone sideways and traced that high back through the night, I was even more furious to find that it had risen from pretty much the minute I rested my head on the pillow at around 10pm.

But it also made complete sense, given I’d consumed a fair few carbs to absorb the dinner I’d over bolused for. I also can’t bring myself to treat hypos with glucose tabs anymore, so there may or may not have been a few raids of the cupboard involved. But I’m making sure I buy some juice today, for a change.

As I bolused super early for my breakfast, got out of bed and jumped into the shower, how that high alert escaped me is still a complete and utter mystery.


  1. Pat Keating

    Hi Frank, I was high last nite, kept peeing. My fault thou, I know better. I’m usually really good, had coffee and a bicky with my work mates as we finished work late.

  2. Rick Phillips

    I was at 16.7 this afternoon at 4:30 PM. No idea what i had eaten. I think the worst thing was I had just checked it 2 hours before and I was 7.4. So do not feel bad, at least you were asleep.

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