1. Tony Sangster

    Thank you Frank for discussing a personal and important topic. I think that diabetes education to some degree is both ways, with give and take. I learn something one time and the educator learns something another, or we both learn together. And finding an educator who will adapt to that give and take is key.

  2. Rick Phillips

    This is exactly why I have had my CDE for 13 years and she is more important than my doctor. Doctors a dime a dozen, good CDE’s are the gems in the treasure chest.

  3. […] I see an endo. I arrange for my annual checkups to my eyes and feet. I see my GP when I feel unwell, and I also have regular bloodwork done. But when it comes to the day to day management of my diabetes, I don’t really need a great deal of support. My first diabetes … [Read more…] […]

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