1. Tony sangster

    thank you Frank for a most thoughtful post. Perhaps it may form part of an official assignment for your studies, too. Of course there are persons in say the manufactruing sector who are deriving profits from the prodiucts we use. Expressed in another way, why do the sensors in cgm products not last longer? Some users of them have the skill to tweak some of these sensors to increase their usage up to twice the advertised and usual life.. Yes, we directly and indirectly thise our contribution to Medicare are paying for profits that may not neccessarily be wholly justified. We are seeing how manufactures of insulin have, directly and via crazy health insurance rorts, increased the cost of insulin in the US to kevels where people die for lack if ability to have insulin, or suffer ill health in conserving what little insulin they have or having to drive to Mexico, say, to obtain supplies.

  2. Rick Phillips

    Diabetes is the club no one wants in and no one can leave. Production costs be damned. Lets face it if production were considered to its true extent we would all be dead.

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