1. Jennifer Brodie

    Loved your comments and your experiences with the pump It really makes you think about the many variables required to keep on track and to be happy with your results.It not a fixit machine but you can control results a little more than if you were manually injecting. I love that I can combo bolus and put in a Temp Basal. You cant do that with manual injections. Good reading

  2. Rick Phillips

    I always tell people to get an app for carb counting. There are so many out these days, it has dramatically improved my control.

  3. This was a relatable post, I had a similar experience when transitioning from needles to pumps myself. What really caught my eye however was the picture with the New Tandem Pump! I’ve been needing to replace my own Animas pump with either Tandem or Medtronic, I know Medtronic has great customer service and is reliable but Tandem has really caught my attention. Would you happen to have any insight as to how the pump is and how the company customer service is like?

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