1. Give me the chocolate, biscuits, or pancakes. Yeah I am a bad, bad, T1. Hey kid, guess what i am a robot. I love telling that to little kids, but I love doing it more to adults. Thanks for helping out frank.

  2. When his grandmother looks at me asks for the umpteenth time “Can he have another potato?” whilst hovering with the potato on a serving spoon over his plate. I always turn to him and ask “Do you want another potato?”

  3. Marz

    If you want a good, milky coffee try pure cream with your coffee. 50ml per cup is all you need to make it super milky and it tastes better than a latte and doesn’t spike … win-win-win! ☕️

  4. Dan Warne

    Haha oh yeah. I’ve learned just not to tell people I’m diabetic and just eat whatever I like and then discretely use my pump to dose. It’s honestly easier than people trying to advise you. The worst, worst, worst is when people suggest you perhaps shouldn’t have so much ice cream because they knew someone who was diabetic who died and they didn’t look after themselves… and then you have to “politely” enquire whether they were type 1 or 2 (often 2) and were they on insulin? (no) and explain how you take insulin to replace what the body doesn’t produce, arghhh… and then they’re still not really convinced.

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