Hot Cross Buns (and Insulin)

For the better part of the last two weeks, my morning tea each day has been hot cross buns. I am absolutely addicted to the Cadbury Choc Chip hot cross buns from Woolworths, and have already made my way through the packet I stashed in my freezer. I’ve since moved onto a second pack of regular fruit buns, which I have enjoyed lightly toasted and slathered in butter.

Let’s be honest, hot cross buns aren’t exactly the most blood sugar friendly food to conquer. They have a pretty rapid effect on my blood sugar levels. I’ll need to give my rapid acting insulin dose at least 20 minutes before tucking in if I want to avoid a massive spike in my blood sugar levels. If my starting blood sugar level isn’t in range, than I know that I don’t stand a chance against the carbs. Even with that prebolus, I can probably expect my blood sugar to peak at 9 or 10mmol.

With Easter fast approaching, I’ve already seen a fair bit of commentary on social media about what people with diabetes should and shouldn’t be eating this weekend.

I feel the need to write this because I am not ashamed of what I am choosing to eat. I refuse to believe that I am a ‘reckless,’ ‘careless’ or ‘non compliant’ person who will live to see the consequences because I am not following a ‘diabetic friendly’ diet.

My game plan for the next couple of days includes coffee, chocolate, hot cross buns and a few nice family dinners. I am more than comfortable covering my carbs with insulin, and pre bolusing where needed. That’s all that really matters to me.

To be completely honest, I really couldn’t care less what a diabetes organisation, or anyone else for that matter, thinks that I should be eating over Easter.

You do you.

Have a happy and safe Easter long weekend.


  1. Buckley Julia

    Just carted 2 packages of M&S hot cross buns across the Atlantic for this week. Everything in moderation. It rlly believe if you deny yourself, you’ll end up doing worse later.

  2. I have heard of the amazing Hot Cross Bun, my mother used to talk about those being a family favorite. I saw hers once, but I have never had one. Who knows maybe this will be the year?

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