P’haps our elected representatives will deign to widen the subsidised access to sensors soon. Surely a greater usage will drive overall price reductions. The cost is definitely onerous.

  2. tony sangster

    Thank you, Frank for a most thoughtful post. I would not like to add up all my expenses over the years !! And I cannot see private insurance getting any cheaper.
    Some diabetics have won the battle in the UK about Libre but of course the NHS is different to here.
    Why cannot Aussie health services and Governments be more on the ball? And why not negotiate here for better prices like they do with the PBS?

  3. Rick Phillips

    I am delighted that once again this year, Sheyrl and i have donated $1.00 US dollar for each year of marriage plus one to grow on. It is one of the highlights of our year, this year is no exception.

  4. Yes, the ongoing costs are onerous and it is a constant battle for T1Ds between everyday information, wellbeing and cost. Even more daunting when you start thinking about the T1D costs, implications for longevity and implied need for contributions to superannuation.

  5. Merinda

    I’d very much like to know which health insurance company you’re with Frank and what sort of plan, as I pay double what you’re paying and only have hospital cover with a $500 excess – no extras! So for health insurance alone I fork out $1968 per year, and it goes up every April… I would dearly love to loop, but can’t afford the $95 per week cost for a CGM, let alone all the other components. Hopefully Diabetes Australia will convince the government to add them to the NDSS in the not too distant future. And don’t get me started on them even considering drug testing at music festivals – GRRRRRR!

    • I’m with Medibank. The package is called core hospital and basic extras, and it has a $500 excess if I’m admitted to hospital. It basically covers hospital, dental, optical and an insulin pump. Medibank currently cover insulin pumps on a basic tier hospital policy, but that could change in future.

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