1. Merinda

    I’ve vowed and declared never to fly again because of my Type 1 Diabetes. A trip to New Zealand a few years back left me very hyperglycaemic. As I was unable to remove the air bubbles from my cartridge I chose to remain pump free for the duration of the flight. Then there are all the security issues (read “sharps”). Road trips are also challenging, requiring regular blood tests (can’t afford a CGM and can only dream about Looping) because I’m forced to sit for a couple of hours minimum – far from my normal routine..

  2. I have been at this for 44 years and I have no idea how many variables I know. What I do know for certain is that I no almost nothing. My body changes sometimes minute to minute.

    For me the key is know that my body always changes, and unlike vacations, that will never end.

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