1. tony sangster

    I have entered detail into my MHR. I too can see the advantage of having information available to health care providers, particularly if i was unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.
    What the current design of MHR does however is restrict me as a patient from putting in my own thoughts on my health and diagnoses. ( yes I can squeeze some details into the comments about my medication but that is limited). Also what if I have something I regard as important but the Health care provider decides against putting it in the clinician’s section of my MHR? For example, years ago an acquaintance of mine died because the hospital admitting doctor failed to note down in the patient’s record down an unusual reaction to a medication (whether this was because the doctor did not believe it, forgot etc who knows) and despite all the checks done in hospital with each medication given to check on allergies and reactions his record was not corrected. He died as a consequence of the very reaction he described.
    So how would I highlight such a discrepancy in my record? The only thing I can do is note down my allergies and reactions to medications in my part of MHR and hope the treating doctor has time in an emergency situation to note any discrepancy between what I have entered and what the clinicians’ notes/summaries on my MHR. The computer gurus involved in MHR so far can only suggest 1) I ersuade a clinician to alter the clinician’s part of the record – not always an easy thing to do or 2) exert my right to I remove the clinician’s part /document of my record. Hardly a positive approach, like throwing out the good with the bad. I am not the only one who have approached the MHR people about this.

  2. Marcus Pezzaioli

    I’ve had a bit of a mixed experience myself with healthcare. Mostly great, but there has been an occasion where I’ve sat down with my GP (after they requested the appointment) and he’s gone ‘errr, so how can I help you?’ and another where I as recommended a course which transpired to be for type 2s… and that’s only 6 months into my T1D life.

    As for MHR, I’m going down the route that it can’t hurt. If it works great, if not then I’ll probably not see any difference in reality.

    • Marcus Pezzaioli

      EDIT: As for MHR, I’m going down the route that it can’t hurt. If it works great, if not then you’ll probably not see any difference in reality.

  3. We in the US do not have a national electronic health record. Instead we have widely separate providers who can link if they wish. For me, I sought out a system of dispersed care under one medical record system.

    I love it. I hope I never have to go back.

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