1. Tony Sangster

    Yes, I sent mine back to its maker. Limpet was a real friend, never mind to pesky Fur Elise tune and the escalating alarm. She had neat features and was a good companion.
    Now have Tonto, T-slim from Tandem. Getting to know the ropes and have not been disappointed or finding the need to make comparisons.

  2. Sharon Gerdik

    I’m on my 6th pump. Five different manufacturers over the years. Minimed 508, Deltec Cozmo, Animas Ping, two Medtronics and now on Tandem t-slim x2. They were all loved and hated at times. Not yet tho’ for my Tandem. The Hate part that is. I’m happy to hear that Tandem is expanding into other countries. They are fiercely taking on the Medtronics Giant and doing well.

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