1. Rick Phillips

    Well why not the cancer Shake? Or perhaps the amputee steak? Why not? Because those are not accepted by society. Thank goodness they are not. But still I mean wow – maybe they should stop harassing PWD’s but you knwo that will only happen if we hold them accountable.

    Good Job Frank

  2. Kristi Kaspars

    These kind of things make me quite mad. There are a few memes on FB with a similar theme that really make my blood boil. I have no idea why i’m so sensitive to them, (i generally have an awfully good, sometimes inappropriate and open sense of humour), but i just cringe every time i see one.

  3. Mel

    Unbelievable. Then again, not really. Diabetes jokes seem to be acceptable in our society.
    Thank you for speaking out and standing up to them on behalf of all diabetics and their familes. Sometimes you educate, sometimes you just get people thinking, both good. Sometimes you just deal with sub-humans who have no empathy or brain and you best not waste your time on them.

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