1. Hi Frank, Really enjoying your informative comments…Except maybe…”Contour blood glucose meters many Medtronic insulin pumpers use.The ones that wirelessly Bluetooth blood glucose readings to the pump” Yes, that would be ideal, however, (Medtronic) pump comms from the CN1 are RF (radio frequency) wireless, using the same protocol as Medtronic’s sensors.
    And thank you for the heads-up. I’ve just ordered a Next-One so I can use their app. It looks like it’s a winner (and bluetooth too). Regards, Chris.

      • Thanks for reading, Chris! I didn’t mean to imply that the Contour Next One is able to communicate with the pump, apologies for the confusion. But yeah, it is a really great BG meter and works well with the companion app.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Frank, especially the part about privilege. I once had somebody tell me that I’m not really an average pwd at all and it stopped me in my tracks. I would argue that I’m not privileged I’m well informed. I didn’t come across all the tools I have or the information in my brain. I decided to go looking for it!

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