1. I don’t get excited about a cure because I do not think that will happen in my lifetime. IF there is a huge leap I think it will be in preventative ways. I think an ‘anti diabetes vaccine’ is too simple a term but for a while there was talk of getting in there when type one first appears and while insulin is still needed there are still some beta cells working. Get in there and get those buggers going. Have you any knowledge of the rabies vaccine? Basically you can be infected and then get the vaccine and consequently never develop rabies because the injection can get ahead of the rabies trying to multiply in your body. So something on that sort of likes. For all I do diabetes and tech science itself isn’t my best point but I try. Basically I think my pancreas is too far gone. And frankly I would rather they prevented new cases at the time than spent time, energy and money poking my pancreas with a stick on the chance it might wake up.

    But I absolutely think there is too much being put into the tech. But then…the cynic says hey those make money. The PM here, May, was wearing a sleeveless gown to greet Trump last-night which showed her libre and led to questions of what she had on. That led to ‘but…normal diabetics can’t get it. the nhs doesn’t do it’. (You can get it free in Scotland on limited sensor numbers but not in the rest of the UK). And to see that sort of thing it just feels hopeless. When you see the rich have and the rest not even know what the tech is unless they see someone with it or ask at hospital…how can we believe someone is out there with the funding to end this?

    Omg /ramble.

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