1. Rebecca Madge

    The pathology service in Tasmania charges $20 to release test results directly to the patient. They have decided that it is best for the patient to get results direct from their GP. And pay for another GP visit, since I don’t know of any that bulk bill here in Tasmania. And use up GP time that could be better used assisting people who are sick, or who don’t understand how to interpret their own test results. Definitely going backwards in terms of encouraging patients to manage their own health.

    • That’s crazy! I don’t mind going back to see my GP (thankfully he bulk bills) as I was unwell and there’s likely stuff to discuss, but I can definitely see your point in situations where there’s no need.

  2. twicediabetes

    My GP requests that my blood test results be posted to me as well as her and my endo. It works well.

    • Rebecca Madge

      Even with the GP request, the pathology service charges $20 to send an email with a “secure” access to the results. Posting is no longer an option.

  3. Rick Phillips

    I often know my blood results before my doctor. Because, like most Americans these days we have direct access to our electronic medical records. The fee for use it $0.00 of course we pay an immense fee structure. even if we do not use it.

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