1. Hi Frank,

    The line “Living with type 1 diabetes creates somewhat of a complex relationship with food” really struck a chord. Living with T1D over 43 years I have seen the food advice change so much over the years that my head goes into a spin with the different advice given from professionals, websites, forums and other T1Ds. To me it a is a personal choice and once a T1D can manage their basal and fast acting for their lifestyle, the food element really has to be built around their lifestyle and perhaps not their T1Ds. Just my personal opinion and viewpoint!

  2. Rick Phillips

    Ahh, i am so looking forward to Spring. I am feeling that as you are heading into Fall, I am heading into spring. Oh Frank, I like spring so much better. 🙂

    I am glad you are feeling better, sun will do that for us.

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