1. Becky Madge

    Last night was Owen’s insulin pump set change which we do every 4-5 days. Crying, whimpering, pain as I pull the old needle out and then prep the new site and put the new needle in.
    Tonight was Owen’s CGM change, which we do every 7 days. Crying, whimpering, pain “please no, please don’t do this to me, it hurts it hurts” as I take the old sensor off and then prep the new site and put the new needle in.
    Owen wails “I hate my life.”
    A cure can’t come too soon.
    Realistically, I know a “cure” won’t come for another 20+ years, but I really don’t think that closed loop systems are the answer. Not while there is this pain, physically and emotionally, every day of my 11 year old son’s life.

  2. There is no one sure no one best way forward, except to chose all of the above. The DIY movement brought us this close so far. Like most things there will be outliers but most will be int he main stream. So long as someones choice is about them and not harassing themselves and not harassing me into getting me to adopt their efforts., I am happy for others to take the lead.

  3. “I am frustrated, because people with diabetes deserve so much better than what they’re currently getting.”

    I feel the same and couldn’t agree more. We’ve got the same problem here in the UK.

    Here in the UK the FreeStyle Libre has only just been approved for National Health Service (NHS) use. However it is still up to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) to fund them and most places aren’t at the moment due to the cost.


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