Live Beyond.

After sharing my own diagnosis story during Australian National Diabetes Week last year, I agreed to be the face of a new diabetes awareness initiative run by Beyond Type 1.

Targeted at young adults, posters and tri fold leaflets were produced and distributed to colleges in the US who had shown interest (and yes, it’s a big compliment to still be considered ‘college’ age…)

Unfortunately it didn’t progress into a fully blown campaign for the time being, as Beyond Type 1 continue to focus their awareness efforts on paediatrics.

I did get some pretty cool posters to keep, though! Special thanks to Carolyn for sending them all the way from the States.

And now I can’t get that fictional voice out of my head (hey you, yes you, learn the warning signs of type 1 diabetes…)

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  1. Rick Phillips

    Hey they imported the face of US diabetes form Australia? Shoot I figured we had enough home grown PWD’s to fill most roles. I mean you are a good looking guy. Modeling career? 🙂

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