1. twicediabetes

    I agree Frank! If an organisation is to truly advocate for people with diabetes then they need to listen to them and be a vehicle for their voices. I guess the CEO attending DX2 is a start let’s hope for more opportunities to work with our D organisations.

  2. Teresa

    That’s what we are aiming for at PDC with our consumer advocacy group. We feel this is so important moving forward and therefore have committed investment into this amazing group of people even before some of the larger organisations!

    • I think PDC are doing an amazing job on that front. It’s been amazing watching our committee and events gather traction in a few short months thanks to the input from people with diabetes.

  3. I agree that a lot of diabetes organisations aren’t clued into the d.community as much as they should be. I also know that they don’t realise how influential their followers could be if we knew how best to help.

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